Residential Lighting

Come see our large selection of residential fixtures and accessories. Lighting is a fundamental element, perhapsthemost critical element, of interior design. Color, shape, and texture all depend on proper lighting to achieve the intended effect.

Choosing the right light can be a challenge. Let our experienced staff assist you in finding the light that is perfect for your needs.

Well-designed lighting brings out the special beauty of your home. It illuminates the best features, leaving dark those you wish to conceal. Lighting shapes the view and mood. It can make a small room seem spacious and attractive; a large estate feels intimate and comfortable.

There are three types of lighting: task, accent, and ambient. Our lighting designers can help you to decide where light should be placed and directed to give your home that special atmosphere you desire.

Emotionally, lighting can make us feel happy and content or it can make us feel agitated, angry, frightened. It can also affect us emotionally by illuminating the beautiful aspects of the environment. Physically, lighting can make us feel warm or cold, excited or relaxed, secure or uncomfortable. All of these effects are within your control when we design and build a lighting system for you.