Ceiling Fans

Come see our large selection of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are ideal for any room in your home, and will bring you comfort and energy savings all year long.

A ceiling fan can become the aesthetic focal point of your room, and with a wide variety of fans and a huge selection of blades, you have a nearly endless selection of decorating options to choose from.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan you will find the finest quality fans at Green Bay Lighting, where we have over 50 types of fans on display.

In wall fan/light controls replace your old on-off light switch. This makes installation as simple as removing the old switch and attaching the existing 2 wires to teh fan control. That's it! While this may be the last thing you think of when purchasing a ceiling fan, the correct controls make the operation of your ceiling fan much more convenient. The controls allow you to change teh fan speed and light intensity of your fan. Remote controls can be added to most models.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you select the right ceiling fan to meet your needs. Correct installation contributes greatly to the efficiency and life of your fan. Green Bay Lighting's Fan Experts can explain the correct installation procedures to you when you purchase the fan. If you are still not comfortable installing the fan yourself, we offer installation services.