Landscape Lighting

Come see our large selection of outdoor and garden lights. A garden in bright daylight is a play of color, texture, and form: Looking from the house, you can enjoy the rough grace of the gnarled tree arching over the lawn, the neat symmetry of green hedges, the many colors of brilliant flowers. The sun illuminates it all, hiding nothing.

At night, the same landscape wears an air of mystery as light and shadow reveal some parts and hide others. The tree looms mysteriously above the grass. Moonlight captures the varied textures of a flowerbed. A wall or path is sensed in the darkness. There is magic and beauty in the night garden.

Well-designed landscape lighting brings out the special beauty of the night garden. It illuminates the best features, leaving dark those you wish to conceal. Landscape lighting shapes the view and mood; it can make a small garden seem spacious and attractive, a large estate feels intimate and comfortable.

Landscape lighting also has a practical side. It helps you see where you are walking at night, and where any abrupt changes of level or hazards are. It discourages intruders by lighting the ground level clearly and eliminating shadows near the house. It permits you to use the garden after dark for relaxing, entertaining, or strolling.