Residential Lighting

Come see our large selection of residential fixtures and accessories. Lighting is a fundamental element, perhapsthemost critical element, of interior design. Color, shape, and texture all depend on proper lighting to achieve the intended effect.

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Commercial Lighting

We specialize in commercial lighting. Whether for an industrial or exterior project, lighting system design is an art and a science. Comfortable, uniform light levels must be maintained while always considering energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Green Bay Lighting has the personnel, technology, and expertise to assist you in complex lighting tasks. Our team evaluates each approach and recommends the best solution for your specific needs.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can bring focus and beauty to your home or building. It can also be used to highlightarchitecturalfeatures that otherwise would go unnoticed at night. Outdoor lighting is also an inexpensive security system, because a well lit home or building is less likely to have vandalism or be broken into. New styles and finishes can update and refresh your existing home's exterior, and bring a new look to your neighborhood.

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